How to Access Routerlogin.Net Admin Page

How to Access Routerlogin.Net Admin Page

Every day a number of people search how to access admin page. But before accessing Routerlogin, one must know what the reason is of inability to access router admin page. It may be your browser caches or IP address setup. Here we discuss multiple ways to access admin page and encounter the cause which stop accessing router login page.

First of all, delete the catch from your browser and then follow the below steps:

  • Open your browser and type in your web address bar
  • There will open a page will require username and password.
  • Type the username and Router Password “admin” in case sensitive is the default username and password.

Make sure you have not changed the password for any security purposes. If you did so then enter the Router Password you changed recently.

Netgear Admin Page

Access Admin Page via IP Address

Another way to access admin page is

  • Open your browser and type either or to log in and follow the default username and password to start further.

Still, if you are unable to login with Router IP address then go to Private IP address

Private IP Address:

When you are connected to several devices, you can access the router’s Private IP address as a default gateway. The devices connected to your network send the traffic to the IP address by default. As IP address is necessary to access Routerlogin.Net Admin, so you can also use private IP address. 

How to access Router’s IP address on PC

  • Go to the control panel
  • Click on Network and Internet
  • Click the Networking and Sharing
  • Look at the right side upper corner option of “Ethernet”
  • Open Ethernet and click on details
  • Look at the IPv4 Default Gateway

If you are unable to get the router login page then you can use wired Ethernet Router Setup. It simply includes a cable to connect the router with devices.

Follow The Below Tips To Access Admin

  • If you are connected to many networks using wireless and wired connectivity, it may disable you to access router login. The solution to this problem is disconnecting entire VPN and internet connection but stay connected to Netgear Router.
  • Disable the pop-up blockers, ad blocking software and firewalls for a while on a temporary basis.
  • Once power off the Netgear Router and all connected devices, after minimum 10 seconds, you can power on.
  • Another solution to this problem is, one can reset the default factory and start from the Netgear Setup.

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