How to Find Router Default Login Details – Netgear Routers

How to Find Router Default Login Details – Netgear Routers

Keeping the requirement of users, every Netgear Router is designed to fulfill each consumer needs, be it personal or commercial sector. A number of Routers available with its default login (username and password) are freely used by Router consumers or by anyone who is not the buyer of the router. 

Router Default Login Details

How to Find Router Default Login Details – Netgear Routers

If you are accessing, it will first ask for login details, that is :-

Username: admin (case sensitive)

Password: admin (case sensitive)

A password is required as the user has saved some of the important settings. These may be critical system settings, wireless password settings, DNS servers and port forwarding options.

However, there are low chances that anyone can change your settings but it is highly recommended for every user to keep secure your Router Login details. If you are not interested to change your username it will not harm but you must change your Netgear Password for security reason.

Mostly the risk of default setting stays at the low level when the router is used as a home network. While the router for business use needs the high security to keep an eye on the day-to-day data exchange among several business deals. 

Getting a glance at the need of Change Password for security reason, if you have made up your mind to change the default login details then follow this process.

Change Default Login Settings

  • First of all, keep in your mind whether you want to change the username and password both or need to change only password.
  • Open the web browser.
  • Go to the address bar and type
  • Press enter and get log in with default username and password
  • It will display the basic home page
  • Select the “Wireless” option
  • There will appear SSID name (Username), it is optional whether you want to change or not.
  • Next option will be Network Key (Password), change this option and keep the secret name.
  • Click on the “Save” option to apply the changes. This is an option you need to  follow otherwise the changes will not be applicable

 A user must maintain the security creating a strong password. A common password may viral easily and may create difficulties. Try to create a password using alphanumerical character and symbols like @, #, $, etc. 

In case your password has leaked out and you are scaring for the data viral, you can immediately change the password following this method:

How to Change The Password of Default Login

Following the basic login details when you reach the basic home page of Netgear Router:

  • Click on “Advanced” option located on the upper side
  • Click on “Administration” option located on the left side
  • Open the “Set Password”
  • It will display three option

In first option: type the old password

In second option: type the new password

In third option: type the new password once again

  • You may need to change the password in future, so click on “Enable Password Recovery” checkbox.
  • Don’t forget to click on the “Apply” option otherwise, it will not be changed.

Make sure to remember this password for future Router Login. If you forget the passwords, don’t panic, follow this method:

Go to your Router > press the reset switch > get started with default factory settings.

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