How to Access Netgear Router Wireless Setup Page for Configuration

How to Access Netgear Router Wireless Setup Page for Configuration

No doubt Netgear is one of the powerful devices with the capacity to accommodate a number of devices to provide internet services. With growing time the range of modern Netgear routers is consuming in size but bigger in useful features.  No longer you need to get fixed in the wired activities to use the technology. Once you have done the Netgear Router Configuration, you can easily access the wireless setup page anywhere or anytime. But it only depends if you make right setup.

Before accessing the Netgear Router Wireless Setup Page, you must configure the Netgear Router. Here we are going to discuss everything from proper configuration to router setup page.

Netgear Router www.routerlogin.netWireless Setup Page – Netgear Router Configuration

  • Power off your router and modem (even power-off all devices until you configure)
  • Connect the router and modem using an Ethernet cable
  • Connect the computer and Router via any of LAN’s port using another Ethernet cable
  • Now plug the modem and power on the modem
  • Also, press the power on the switch of your router
  • A green LED will get on instantly which refers that you is connected well.

Netgear Router Wireless Setup Page Login

  • First of all when you are connected to the router, get your browser open.
  • Write the default IP address either or in case the IP address is not working then type any  a web address from or
  • You will get an option of username and password on your screen. Type the default username and password ‘admin’ in case sensitive. Make sure you have not changed it before.
  • Below is the option of ‘Login’ you are prompted to locate Netgear basic home page.
  • Open the  ‘Smart Wizard’
  • The first option will come to let you know that ‘Smart Wizard’ can detect the connection type. Below is the option ‘Yes’ click on this and then click on the ‘Next’ option.
  • Mostly the ‘Setup Wizard’ detects ‘Dynamic IP’ which is obvious for cable internet connections. Click on ‘Next’ option.
  • Keep on remembering not to change the Default settings unless your ISP gives you particular DNS information which needs to be configured.
  • Click on ‘Setup option’ and then wireless settings located on the left side.

The first option will be ‘Wireless Network’, below this you will see SSID which you can change for security reason as these are the username and password.

  • Next will be ‘Security Option’, click on ‘WPA’ option.
  • WPA2  > WPA2-PSK (AES) is the default setting, so no need to  change it
  • You can change the ‘Password option’ by keeping any security password.
  • Click on ‘Apply’ option to save the changes.

Wireless Setup Page settings are done, in order to get your Routerlogin to any wireless device you can simply open the installed browser and enter either the IP address or web address to open the Wireless Setup Page, by following the username and password you can change the settings.

If you have already installed the Netgear Genie app, it is far good to get access your router login faster

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